To Remove a Meet from your team's calendar:

- Start on your team's Home page -

  • Click on the meet name, exposing additional meet tools
  • On the right you will see two red icons: 
    • a pencil, for editing the meet
    • a trash can, for deleting the meet
  • Click the trash can 


Removing a meet from your team's calendar only removes the meet from your team's calendar.  It doesn't necessarily remove the meet from the master list of meets.  As long as a meet exists on any team's calendar the meet will continue to exist.  For example, if you created a meet, and ten teams signed up for that meet, then the meet exists on the calendars of all ten of those teams (plus yours) and is also listed on the master list of meets.  If you delete that meet from your calendar, it will continue to exist on all the other calendars, and on the master list of meets.

If you are the host of a meet, and need to cancel the meet (not postpone it) here are some steps you can do to cancel the meet:

  • Change the meet title to "***CANCELED ***"
  • If you are an Site Supporter, you can reject all the teams in the meet
    • Rejecting a team removes the meet from their calendar
  • Send an email to all the coaches of all the teams in your meet
    • Site Supporters have access to the Communicate tab for communicating with the coaches of the teams in your meet