Easy Meet Manager from EasyWare (delimited or html copy/paste)

Delimited Format:

click on file > export meet results/Data or Advancers > Export Semicolon Delimited Results (Use for Easy Sport)

Add more data > select No

Create File? > select Yes

Export (all teams in drop down) > Export Now

Save As -- save with known name to known location

Successful save ... > click OK

This file can now be uploaded to athletic.net.

HTML Format:

This format requires that you view the file in firefox/chrome/internet explore 11+ and copy/paste it to the paste section of the upload tab.

Step 1: create the file from score (top menu) in Easy Meet Manager, select your races, then select print in html format to disk check box and finally click on score/preview/print button.

Step 2: Save the file in normal fashion to a known place.

Step 3: open the file in browser of your choice between chrome, firefox and internet explorer and then copy the entire content (control+a and control+c on a windows computer).

Step 4: go to the upload tab for the event, use the paste button and paste in the content (control+v on a windows computer),and click on submit.