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Official Results vs. Unofficial Results

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Mark Cross Country Results as Official

We have just revamped the cross country meet result pages to include the same Official Results and Unofficial Results features as were introduced during the track & field season. This includes the ability for the Meet Host to declare Official results, LOCK the meet results, and visually check for manually entered results that may be invalid.

Official and Unofficial results are included in performance lists or hypothetical meet reports.

When official results are posted and then someone changes a result, it is marked unofficial to avoid tampering. If in fact the correction is legit the host can mark it as official. It is an easy way to know that results are posted and verified.

The manual entry of results by team coaches is still allowed and the meet page will simply state that they are Unofficial Results. A complete set of results for all race divisions is what constitutes Official Results


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Official vs. Unofficial 

Uploading Results

On the publish tab, after you click publish results, click Mark 'Official'.


To remove the Official status and unlock the meet, click the button again.


Meet Results Page

If you do not mark your results as Official, the public sees the following when they view your results. This is not recommended...


If you are the meet host, event manager, or timing company uploading a complete set of results, always mark results Official. This validates them to the public and prevents them from being edited.


Coach Results Editor

After a meet occurs, any team that attended the meet has the option to click Edit Results from their team calendar, to access a manual editor. The coach will see something similar to the image below. While this used to be the norm for coaches, it is now highly discouraged. Manually entered results and times will be flagged as invalid when the meet host  uploads complete results.

For those entering results for a meet where the host does not know about and is not uploading complete results, tell them! =) After that, upload the results yourself. It takes less than five minutes, saves you time of typing in all of yours, plus publishes the other hundred or thousands of athlete results who also competed.


When results have been uploaded and marked 'Official', you will see the following when you go to edit your results. You are locked out and must contact the meet host for corrections. This ensures the quality of results posted to
Note: You still have access to add/edit the comments section next to your own athletes' results.


Invalid Results Flagged

Here is an example of a result that was flagged invalid, due to it being hand-entered on the results editor and NOT posted by the meet host. The meet host can click the red x to bring up a menu where the result can either be deleted, edited or marked official.


Because has transitioned toward Official Results, the best way to handle changes to the results is for the meet host to make any necessary adjustments and/or corrections to the meet results in the timing & scoring software (Hy-Tek, or RaceTab, etc.), export and re-upload the results.  That will allow us to publish unaltered, Official Results, and then lock those results to prevent other coaches from tampering with the Official Results.

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  • Hopefully you received my message on the girls results for the Aurora city Invite. We have another correction request

    Soph boy Jared HORSFALL Aurora Central Catholic was listed in the varsity race, he actually posted a 20:16 for 3.1 miles in the fresh-soph boys race. He should be listed in that race as 40th overall, which also will move ACC up 29 team points in the standings.  For any questions of reference please call me at 630-470-3893   Please correct



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