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Register UNATTACHED Athletes for a Meet


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Register UNATTACHED Athletes for a Meet

User Guide

To add an Unattached Athlete:
  • Click on the + Add Unattached Athlete link (below, on this page).  
    • If you're a USATF Athlete: Use the Athlete's USATF Athlete Membership Number
    • If you're not a USATF Athlete: Click the Not USATF tab, and enter the Athlete's name, birthdate, and gender.
  • Then click the blue + Add button.  Select the athlete's grade and click the blue Save button.  
To register an Unattached Athlete for a Meet:
  • Click the + Add Meet button (at the bottom), select the start date of the meet, and select the meet to join.  
  • Click the blue Register > button to register the athlete for events.

Parents can only register their kids as unattached, and pay for them directly.

Only the coach can register athletes for the team, and pay for the entire team all at once.

Unattached athlete registrations can not be converted into team-affiliated meet registrations.​


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  • As coaches only get 3 Unattached athletes, how do you remove an athlete from the Unattached list?

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