We accept many common Electronic Results Formats!

Our uploader can process all the most common text, html and csv/delimited electronic results formats into our system. These electronic data formats on meet manager electronic data formats are listed below with examples. You should ask meet hosts to provide these formats to you whenever possible if they don't upload the results themselves.

Athletic.net Format

We recommend our custom format if exporting results from Excel or other custom software. We provide this format also for those of you who simply have data which has not been already been organized into one of the particular formats listed below. It can be used to post Team Scores as well. 

View samples of the Athletic.net Delimited Results Format


See sample of ANet Formated Excel File

Section are defined by the following letters: E = Event   R = Relay   S = Team Score
Fields in [brackets] are optional, but the blank field must still be in the file. This means you will need to keep the same number of total commas for each row of data. 
Example: E,Gender,[Division],Event could look like E,M,,100m

Times should be in correct format such as HH:MM:SS.HH (okay to trim leading zeros). So, a valid time would be 10.1 (hand timed) or 10.11 (FAT). So to would be 10:20.55 for example for ten minutes, twenty seconds and 55 hundredths.

Marks should be in format FFF-II.xx where F is feet, II is inches and xx is the fraction of an inch (typically 00, 25, 50 or 75 as the nearest quarter inch is the proper measure except when no fractions are allowed) or MMM.cc where M is meters and cc is centimeters (or fractional meters, of course). We can accept, for example, 10'11.25" but it is less preferred for marks.

Download the Excel Template file to get you started or watch a tutorial


Two HyTek classes of formats are supported:

  • Semi-colon delimited .csv export format (recommended HyTek format) - Example |  Export Instructions
  • HTML or Print format - these should be pasted into a .txt file first - Example

Common HyTek Errors:

  • Uploading the wrong type of file, tcl, mdb, pdf - none of these will work
  • Mixed gender events - won't work in track (will in xc)
  • Loss of spacing when copying pdf to a text file (use A-PDF Text Extractor to extract)
  • Copied from another website and did not preserve formatting of columns - try using the their printable format or post a link back to their page via feedback
  • Use of "M" to designate a meet record -- we misread that as Meters so choose something else to designate meet records or manually replace the "M" with a space

Hytek Meets with Multiple Divisions:

Hytek has an odd way of treating two division meet. Often it is best to export them as HTML results BY DIVISION. So, if you had a two division meet, say Juniors and Seniors, first export only Juniors, and then only Seniors. Unfortunately, this will then print correct BY DIVISION scores at the bottom, but Hytek will put all division scores at the bottom of the Senior or Junior results ... so you have to delete the opposite division's results from that particular upload. Otherwise scoring may not be correct if you use delimited. Just view the HTML in a browser, and copy/paste it to notepad or other plain text editor and then copy paste back into the upload.

Other Formats

AP Format - These results are typical of those used by newspapers (see example)

EasyMeet Manager by EasyWare - to upload these results, click on file > Export Meet Results/Data or Advancers > Export Semicolon Delimited Results (Use for EasySport). Next choose no for adding extra data, and then click yes to create the file. Upload that file for results. For scores, click on Scores and see "Create SCORES File for Uploading" button near bottom of scores dialog. To work correctly, your meet must, of course, be scored. If you have team group scoring on, the file will be for all groups scored.

HTML formatExample

LynxPad - Export Data as Separated Values (CSV). View directions on how to create a LynxPad upload file.

MeetPro  - Use the File menu to export results into a Semi-Colon format. We have started accepting MeetPro HTML formatted results. However due to various different report options, the HTML format may not work.  

RaceTab - Two classes of formats are supported:

1) HTML  (or .txt) - should be pasted into .txt file first (recommended)

2) Semi-colon delimited .csv export format.

Trouble shooting checks:

1. event names must follow standard format (Varsity Boys 100 Meter Dash) as odd variations will not be supported

2. Wind in a heading without wind readings or NWI below will not work, please simply replace Wind in each heading with four spaces and your parse will work

3. absence of the word RaceTab in the first line of the header (will be there in a standard html report)

Common RaceTab Errors:

  • Wind in the event heading -- but no wind or NWI in the results below (fixed in most recent version of RaceTab, go upload the new version or delete the word "Wind" from heading where the column is blank below it)
  • Non-standard event divisions - we only read the standard ones like Varsity, Junior Varsity, etc.

RunnerCard - Runnercard results can be uploaded. Click on the link in the left frame that says "All Overall Results" and then copy the entire content of the right frame. Hint, click anywhere in the right frame, then use Control+A to select all and then Control+C to copy. Paste into the uploader.

Sydex - Three text formats are supported:

  • Set-width export format - Example
  • Exclamation mark delimited export format - Example
  • Similar to HyTek print formats - Example

TrackMate - Upload TrackMate delimited results. Lines look like this:

D;Lastname;Firstname;;M;;TEA;Team Name;;;100;11.45;M;1;;;D;

To create this file - 1) Open file in TrackMate, 2) Under Result in the main menu, choose Export Results, 3) Choose Hy-Tek semicolon delimited format.

If you have another format you would like us to consider, upload it to the meet, and then let us know about it via the contact form.