There are many file format options!

We accept many many upload formats.  Often you can upload directly the files generated by your meet management software. 

There are a couple of things we don't accept:

  • two column formats (with two columns of results side by side)
  • some pdf documents (this is hit and miss, but first try uploading the pdf directly ... it often works ... or copy and paste it using a good quality pdf viewer, such as pdf Xchange editor that has a free version available)

You can choose from any of the following formats: Delimited Format

Custom format that we recommend if you are exporting results from Excel or other custom software that we don't currently accept. When you are ready to upload, copy-and-paste the results from Excel or save your file in the .csv format and upload it.

  • View example here or you can download example (Excel template)
  • Results may be comma, semi-colon, or tab delimited
  • First line must contain column headings.
  • Column order does not matter, but you must have at least: FirstName, LastName, Team, Time, Gender
  • DivisionID is also necessary, unless each division is in a separate file, and it is always recommended.
  • Place, Grade, and Score are optional, but also HIGHLY recommended.
  • Time should be mm:ss.t or mm:ss.hh. You may also put DQ or DNF if appropriate in that column.
  • if working in excel format the time column as text (highlight column, format cells, choose text) to avoid Excel trying to out think you on time formats.

In addition to using this format for individual results uploads, a scoring format in delimited format may also be used to upload scores that use a non-traditional scoring format that does not fit within our automatic point calculation methods, or to upload scores for double dual meets. Please visit this link.


Required Headings

Separating Names

Full Demonstration

Software Choices EMM XC (Excel Meet Manager)

  • Click upload finished meet on the main screen and upload the file it creates - Example  Do not upload the actual excel file or it will not work.  The file it creates should be in the directory containing the EMMXC meet file.
  • Click here to see where the upload finished meet button is located.

Easy Meet Manager from EasyWare

Two classes of formats are supported:

  • Semi-colon delimited .csv export format - Instructions
  • HTML or Print format - should be copied and pasted into .txt file first - coming soon - Instructions


Two classes of formats are supported:


Three formats are supported:

  • Exclamation mark delimited export format - Example
  • Single column text - Example
  • Set-width export format - Example


Two formats are supported:

  • Semi-colon delimited export format
  • This print format works for sure - Example
  • Other print formats may or may not work at this time if certain columns added or missing - Example 


  • Semi-colon delimited export format
  • Text file created by clicking export on the results or using copy and paste in the publish preview window - Example
  • Mixed Gender Races: DO NOT upload mixed gender races as one export ... you need to select boys only (button top right) and then girls only (need to unselect the other as it does not toggle) and upload one gender and then the other.

RaceBerry Jam

  • Standard format for results on-line - Example


  • RaceDirector will actually auto-generate formatted upload files as well and these are preferred
  • HTML or Print Format IF you view the html file in a browser and copy all, then paste to Anet - Example

Park Enterprises Software

  • Copy and paste from the PDF file format - Example


If you have another format you would like us to consider, upload it to the meet,
and then let us know about it via the feedback form.