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2010 Track & Field Site Updates


News, Features, and Updates

News, Features, and Updates

2010 Track & Field Site Updates

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Welcome to a new season!  We have many upgraded features on the site, and some new features too! 

Here is a summary.  View the linked forum post to post questions about any feature.

Meet Management

Upgraded Meet Management Page - Forum Post.  Simplifies process of hosting your meet, and adds some awesome new features for site supporters:

  • Meet settings: Lock Meet, Lock Event Entries, Publish Entries.
  • Quickly copy event setup (events, limits, schedules) from prior meets.
  • Invite teams to your meet (teams from prior meet, or search for a team).
  • Email coaches attending your meet.

Team Management

 - Upgraded Athlete Editor - Forum Post
  • Edit athletes faster than before!
  • Added Athlete Division (youth clubs) and Athlete Registration Number (can be used for entry download systems).

 - Upgraded Meet Entry - speeds meet entry process. (released by March 1 hopefully)

Reports and Site Features

 - Upgraded Meet Results page - Forum Post

  • Filters to quickly find results you are interested in.
  • Simplified Team and Full Meet reports into one report.
  • Integrated photos for site supporters.

 - Photos - Forum Post

  • Photo tagger allows tagging of photos to athletes and meets
  • Meet photos integrated into meet results.
  • Athlete Photos displayed on Athlete Profile.


Site maintenance tools available to coaches - help us make this site the best possible!

 - Upgraded alignment editor - Forum Post - much faster to report the new alignment for your region. (find link at the bottom of your state's homepage)

 - Meet Event Type Editor - Forum Post - quickly fix incorrect event types for a meet (hurdle heights, shot put weights, etc.).  (find on individual meet page)

 - Division Event Selector - update the default event list for your division (find link on the Top 10 list for your division). (released by March 1 hopefully)


Remember, while many of our tools are free, upgrading to Site Support is only $45 for the season, and enables us to continue the development of this tool - saving you even more time in the coming seasons.  Please consider supporting this year! Upgrade Now | Compare Features

We love feedback, questions, and suggestions:

We hope that you and your team have a very successful season!
David Bowdoin & the Team

  • Great Stuff!

  • Thanks for your hard work.

  • I like the updates. Will you add them to the XC side as well (particularly the ability to invite teams)?

  • Yes, these will be added to XC as well.

  • Looking the site here and join the text twist 2 online free game.

  • sfsdfd

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