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Custom Performance List Upgrades


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News, Features, and Updates

Custom Performance List Upgrades

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We introduced these near the end of the last season (2010), but we’ve upgraded them a bit since then.  We're pretty excited about the flexibility they give coaches for viewing stats.

There are now four types of custom lists available to Site Supporters: Teams, Athletes, Meets, and Meet History.  Go to the Custom List editor to create your own.

Teams - compare two or more teams side by side.  Select any set of teams, and compare results based on season, or view a comparison for all seasons.  Think: "Teams in my city that are in different divisions."

Athletes - same as teams, but with athletes.  Think: "Top athletes from my team through the years (even beyond HS)" or "Athletes to watch for state" or "Athletes I'm recruiting for my college team."  (Remember lists can be public or private).

Meets - select any set of meets, even across seasons.  New this season is the ability to filter to the teams in a specific division.  Think: "League Meets" or "Teams from my district over the past 10 years at the state championships" or "Meets at this stadium" or "All league dual meets for week of ...."  Also new this season is the ability to use the results from these custom meet lists as seed marks for a future meet.  Think: "Seed my district meet from a set of league meets" or "Seed state from the district meet."

Meet History (new) - Select the meet from each season, and you'll be able to view the collective history.  This is then linked to the meet results report.

Also new this season: last year we limited each team to three public custom lists.  This season we've removed this restriction, so you can create as many as you'd like.

NOTE: These lists also enable the meet "Preview" viewable by site supporters before a meet from the calendar on their team homepage.  These are automatically created for you, no work required!

Go to the Custom List editor to get started and create your own custom lists.  Play around, and let us know on the forums what interesting combinations you come up with! 

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