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Top Ten New Things on for 2011


News, Features, and Updates

News, Features, and Updates

Top Ten New Things on for 2011

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We've got lots of new (and updated) features this season!  Learn about them here...

Ten - New Meet List 
The new version is lightweight and fast, with drop-downs to switch states, select the level (High School, Middle School, College, or Club), filter meets by month, week, day, or do a quick search for the name or location of the meet.  New icons let you identify major meets at a glance, see which meets have results, or are already on your team’s calendar. Add new meets to your team’s calendar from the same page. Also makes waffles.

Nine - Multi-Level Meets
Everyone loved them in Cross Country, now we’ve got them in Track & Field too. Now Site Supporters can Host Multi-Level meets (for College, High School, Middle School, and Club). College teams can host High School Meets, High School teams can host Middle School meets, and more.

Eight - New Register Athletes pages 
These pages received a major facelift, retaining all the previous beauty while cutting out the ugly old wrinkles. Now there’s a lot more information available in a format that’s easier to read, with choices to filter athletes by grade or division, and sort athletes alphabetically and by seed time.

Seven - New (Old) Race Distances 
Everyone asked for the old-school race distances, now we’ve got ‘em: 50 Yard Dash, 100 Yard Dash, 220, 330, 440, 1320, and tons more. Even crazy stuff like “55 Yard Shuttle Hurdles for Throwers.” No more trying to convert your school’s historical records to fit today’s races, and no more excuses not to enter your school’s records all the way back to when you were in high school. Ok, maybe not that far…

Six – Edit Default Events for Division
You can now easily set the correct default event order for your league, your division or your state.  You’ll find the link at the bottom of the Top 10 list for any division.  

Five - Like Athlete Profiles
Now coaches, athletes, parents and fans can click to “Like” an Athlete profile and share that like with like all their friends on like Facebook. It’s like, amazing! Look for more integration to come in the future.

Four - Custom Performance Lists
You’ve seen them before, everybody loves them, but now you can create your own Custom Performance lists based on results from only the meets you specify! Not only that, but you can use the results from your Custom Performance list as the seed times for any meet you host! We’ve also added a new type: Meet History. Learn more...

Three - Meet Preview
Get a preview of any upcoming meet that’s on your calendar, see who you’re going up against, and compare their season records to yours.

Two - Upgraded Coach’s Discussion Forum
The old coaches' forum was great, but the new one is even greater. Discuss topics of interest to coaches, find out “How to”, get in on the cutting edge of new features and voice your opinion of what you’d like to see.

And, the Number One Cool New Thing on
New Meet Entry Seed / Standardization Options! Now meet hosts can specify what constitutes a valid seed time for their meets: Season Records, Personal Records, or a Custom Performance List. Choose to standardize hand times, or leave them raw.  Learn more...

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