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News, Features, and Updates

News, Features, and Updates

New Homepage

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We have just finished working on a new homepage which we are excited to release.

The homepage has two new components I want to let you know about: customizable Recent Top News and Featured articles.

We will also post recent site updates on the homepage, so that you can start using new features right away.

Customizable Top News

A brand new feature of the homepage is the Top News.  

Top News enables you to see what's new in your region at a glance.  Recent meets attended by teams in your region are listed, as well as recent top results.

You can customize Top News to see what you want... Indoor, Outdoor, whole United States, or just the Oregon 1A.


Go to the homepage, and start customizing your news now!


Featured Articles

We will be featuring


We hope to make these features interesting spotlights that show how is helping different people succeed in Track & Field and Cross Country.

If you have a good story about how has contributed to your success, please let us know!


You can make these suggestions via our Facebook Page:

Suggest Featured Athlete

Suggest Featured Team

Suggest Featured Meet

Site Updates

Find the most recent updates to on the homepage:


Check out all these updates on our new homepage!

  • I've been coaching high school cross-country and track for 30 years now and I still can't get over the difference has made in my life.  You've made my job so much easier and more enjoyable. No more endless paperwork before and after meets.  Thanks to your amazing website I have much more time to actually coach.

    Joe Fulton

    Philomath High School

  • I agree with all of the comments about how fabulous your website is... making it easy and straight forward to gather information in one convenient place and pull out pertinent data for teams and individual athletes.  But what I like so much about it is -- IT IS FUN!  I can play with and manipulate data to find out fantastic, motivating facts about each person on my team (as well as other teams).  Better yet, it is easy enough that "even a parent" can pull out this data! (... I am a parent ... )  I started using this site when it was first available to a wide audience, and I've gotten my league to use it (though I usually enter the information).  It has become a go-to source of information and inspiration.  Thank you so much!

    Karen Gregory

    Woodside Priory School

    Volunteer Parent Coordinator / Coaches' Helper since 2005

    (Parent of two very dedicated runners who appreciate this site!)

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