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Meet Invite System & Communication Tool

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Still setting up your XC Invitational for 2013? Or, if you are like me, you keep catching yourself thinking ahead to the future track & field invitational that your team hosts or you would like to start in 2014!

Which ever one it is, hundreds of coaches are finding that using the Meet Invitation Communication tool, provided to Site Supporters, is easy and effective.

Coach Testimonial

 "We'd like to thank for their free online entry system, as we wouldn't have been able to run this meet without it. As the meet has grow from 46 teams the first year, to 64 the second, and finally 101 registered teams the third year, the Meet Invite system on has been absolutely indispensible! We are able to communicate with coaches with updated information and allow them to enter the meet and start registering athletes with just one-click. Thank you!"

Coulter Rose, Linus Pauling MS   
Oregon Meet of Champions   


Coaches and Meet Hosts use the Meet Invitation system for every kind of meet imaginable. Are you hosting a small home meet or directing a league championship? Send invites to your specific set of teams, then lock the meet from additional teams entering, and you will be guaranteed a clean set of entries. No one enjoys that surprise team showing up day-of-race claiming they were entered in the meet. 

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How to Find the Invite Tool

On your team page, click the meet name on your calendar. Click on Manage Meet. You will not see this option, if you are not set as the meet host. Click here to find out how.


The Manage Meet page is the central location for all tools used to Host a Meet. Teams with the Site Supporter Upgrade, can click on the Communicate tab to access the Meet Invitation system.


How to Add Teams to Invited List

Check out the video below. You can either manually type in each team name that you want to invite, or select a meet you hosted in the past and invite all of those teams at once. Yes, you can use both options! Invite all teams back from last year, and then add in additional teams to invite.

Sending Invites with One-Click Email

Once teams are added, click the Send Invites to Selected Contacts button to email all coaches on your invited list. The invite email informs recipients that you have invited them to the meet. Within the email are direct links for the coach to click on to either Accept or Decline the invite. Additionally, they can click Register Athletes directly from the email! Feel free to customize the email before sending it.


What do Invited Team Coaches See

The Meet Invitation is located prominently at the top of the Calendar, on the team page. The team can either Accept or Decline, right there.


Or, if the team coach is browsing through the hundreds of meets on the state's master calendar, they will see an exclamation point next to the meet you invited them to. And when they click on the meet, they can accept the invite from there.


I Invited a Team That Doesn't Use

Great! That is one of the best steps towards showing other coaches how powerful the site is for team stats, results, and meet management.

You can identify an invited team with no coach account by looking at the (0|0) for that team under the contacts column. Click the Manage link, add their contact information, and you will have just helped another coach join the 22,524+ coaches actively using Thank you!


Simply want to tell other coaches about the site and provide them with a Coach Account Sign Up link at the same time?

Well, first, you're awesome! Second, watch this quick video on how you can do this from any team page on

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