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New Cross Country Meet Results Features


News, Features, and Updates

News, Features, and Updates

New Cross Country Meet Results Features

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We are excited to release several new features to your cross country meet results pages!

The features include two new components and several others that were completely re-designed. These additions have been made available, due to your team's Site Support. If your team page is not upgraded, do so now! Cross Country is currently $35 for the entire season!

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XC Graphs, Blogging Platform, Results Filters, Hypothetical Scoring, and Who Gets These NEW Features?

XC Graphs

We launched a series of interactive graphs that:

  • visually show you athlete time distribution
  • provide race comparisons of overall time vs. place (and place vs. time)
  • creates a team scores bar chart
  • represents the total team time and team spread in regards to time

Athlete Distribution

Athlete Distribution


Place vs. Time

Time vs. Place


Team Scores Chart

Official Team Scores


Total Team Time

Team Time Spread

Do you see those arrows in the top, right corner? Click them...every graph is interactive!!

Click here to watch a 90 second introduction to the new features.

Blogging Platform for Meet & Team Messages

With an upgraded set of tools for posting content (text, pictures, videos, etc...), you can provide your your teams, coaches, athletes, and fans with the most important and up-to-date meet information!

Meet hosts can add as many posts as they need, before and after the meet, without losing previously written content.

Plus, every team can provide their own set of notes and information specific to their own needs.

It gets better. Make a post/note 'sticky' to keep it at the top. Is some of your content only coach related? Check that box to hide that information from the public.

Results Filters

The results filtering bar is now much more user-friendly. Quickly look at results from just a few select teams or a set of teams from a specific league. Use the highlight feature to mark up the results with highlighting or crossing out specific athletes and teams.



Hypothetical Scoring

And now for what you all have been waiting for...endless hypothetical scenarios based on your meet results! Simply play with the results filters by selecting different teams or leagues, as if the race only had those competitors. These filters will directly impact the XC graphs and provide you with a hypothetical team scoring situation.

Filters Change Graphs!
Filters Give Hypothetical Scores


Who Gets These NEW Features?

Every meet page will have them, until Monday, September 23rd. After that, only meets hosted by Site Supporter Teams will have these enhanced features. 

  • Coaches: Go upgrade today to keep these features live on your meet page!
  • Parents/Athletes: Able to donate $35 to your XC team for the season? Go to one of the meets your team hosted and click the Upgrade button. 

Thank you for your continued support of!

  • Nice work, folks.  Love the updates, the visuals, the integration and ease of your site.

    Kudos to you as you continue to upgrade a fantastic resource.

    From all of us over here in Ontario, Canada....

  • Looks good. Thank you.  I've tried, though, adding a blog from both explorer and firefox and am unable.  Perhaps there is a bug?

  • Hi, guys.

    From Ontario, Canada - we seem to use a different team scoring method, and I have some new options when uploading results today, and I'm not sure what to do.  



    my results in EmmXC (Ontario Score Mod you patched for me a couple of years ago)

    Place School Score

    1 CWSB St Benedict 19

    2 CWRS Resurrection 83

    3 CWSD St David 97

    4 CWCH Cameron Heights 105

    5 CWSM St Mary's (Kitchener) 151

    Results on after choosing score 4, place 4

    Official Team Scores

    1. St Benedict 12

    2. Resurrection 38

    3. St David 45

    4. Cameron Heights 48

    5. St Mary's (Kitchen... 67

    Ontario Rules for scoring are top four runners placing in the race, added together, 4th runner placing breaks a tie.

    What should I choose when uploading?  If none of the above work, can this option be added?

  • I would love to have an option to see a hypothetical score and rankings for the teams attending a race before the meet based on pr's. Love your site.

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