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Improved Cross Country Results Uploading


News, Features, and Updates

News, Features, and Updates

Improved Cross Country Results Uploading

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Having passed the midway point of cross country season, we want to know how you are doing...particularly with uploading your meet results. What are your re-occurring concerns or issues? For those coaches who have been around for years, you know that new features & changes do occur when feedback is given!

Below you will find a list of improvements we have made, this year, to the results uploading process. Some of them were in place before you arrived in September, but many updates are within the past month and even week!

It is now standard for coaches to have meet results posted online within 24 hours (many of you within minutes of the meet or each race). Here is how we continue to save you time:

  1. One-Click Publish
  2. Calculating Team Scores
  3. Upgraded Auto-Match System
  4. Unload and Reload files
  5. AthleticNetVideos Channel

Plus, the number of result formats that are acceptable has increased! Those are documented on the Help tab of your Upload page.

One-Click Publish for All Results

Previously, coaches had many buttons that they could click, on the Publish tab; like activating athletes from previous seasons, updating grade data, or requesting to add teams or athletes, etc...

Now, when you reach the Publish tab, you are met with one simple optionPublish Results.

If there are any missing athletes or teams that have not been added to rosters or the meet, an Admin will take care of everything else for you!

Calculating Team Scores

A feature request of many coaches for years, arrived in plenty of time for the 2013 XC Season. You have multiple options when posting team scores on your meet results.

Scenario #1:
If uploading results from the likes of Hy-Tek, your meet results file most likely contains official team scores and gives priority to those and will publish them on the meet page.

Scenario #2:
If your results file does not have a team scores section in it, but the results include the points each athlete earned, then will add all those points up and you can click the publish calculated team scores.

Scenario #3:
You are uploading results that contain just the basics of athlete name, gender, team, and time. We've got you covered as well, as will score the entire race for you by assigning points to complete teams and publishing team scores. You can even adjust the team scoring settings if you are not using a 5 scoring and 7 placing method.

Upgraded Auto-Match System for Teams & Athletes

There are 2 major updates here that help to speed the process up. Those coaches who used to spend 10 minutes posting complete results now only have to spend 2-3 minutes.

Teams Tab
When uploading results to a meet that has HS and MS race divisions, teams are now automatically labeled with the appropriate level (HS or MS), and you are given a red warning sign if an incorrect match is made. This allows you to upload a complete set of results in one race file, instead of having to split them.

Example of a warning that the match is incorrect (notice the red MS). Click the 'Unlink' button and then match to the correct middle school team.


Athletes Tab
Click on any athlete that is not matched up and you will be given suggestions with similar name spellings. This helps to ensure that duplicate athlete profiles are not created just because the athlete name in the results or on the roster is misspelled. Click here to watch two short examples.

Unload & Reload Files without Affecting Previous Matches

This feature helps tremendously when working with a large meet. After publishing results from a few files, you can unload them to reduce the number of teams & athletes showing up on those two respective tabs. You can easily click reload, and every match you had already made for those previous files will still be there. We save your work and we save you time!

New YouTube Channel - AthleticNetVideos's help videos now have a home on YouTube at AthleticNetVideos. Be sure and subscribe to the channel as a means of staying updated on new features, how-to tips, and tutorials.

When uploading results, you can access specific videos related to your upload by clicking on the Help tab. You will be able to watch the videos directly from that page without having to leave

We currently have uploaded playlists on Uploading ResultsMeet Page Features, & Creating Custom ListsCheck it out, offer suggestions on what videos you need and you think other coaches definitely need, and then subscribe.

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