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Motivate Athletes with a State Meet Preview


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News, Features, and Updates

Motivate Athletes with a State Meet Preview

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State Championship meets are just around the corner (Alaska already had theirs), and you can be sure that your team's competition is already looking for every possible advantage in their effort to reach the podium. can help you analyze the competition and determine which teams you will be competing with in the overall team standings. This is true whether you are hoping to improve upon your 7th place finish last year, or take home the championship trophy!


Watch a 90 second video on how to create your own custom list where you can view both athlete rankings and team hypothetical meet scores.

Alaska State Meet Preview vs. the Official Results!

By clicking one of those blue 'Create My Own List' buttons, you can set up a hypothetical meet preview for any list of teams that you are interested in. Those buttons are located on all rankings and hypothetical meet pages. Additionally, each of your team pages has links to create new custom lists.

Check out the below scenario where I created custom lists that included just the 11 teams that qualified for the Boys & Girls 1A/2A/3A Alaska State Cross Country Championships. I set up the Boys list here and the Girls list here. Next, I compared the hypothetical team scores from those lists with the official team scores from the 2013 ASAA State Championships, here.

The hypothetical scores vs. the official team scores are scarily similar...

BOYS 1,2,3A State Preview
Official Team Scores

Quick Analysis
 - 1st and 2nd go accordingly
 - Homer leap frogs Seward
 - 5th-7th play out as predicted
 - Ben Eielson edges Wrangell
 - 10th & 11th place as predicted



GIRLS 1,2,3A State Preview

Official Team Scores

Quick Analysis
 - 1st through 3rd as predicted
 - Delta Junction moves into 4th
 - 6th-11th place as foreseen in the
   hypothetical meet preview


Upsetting the Predictions!

Thankfully, not every race turns out as predicted. That's why we keep competing and having fun out there on the courses!

Looking back at the 4A scene from the Alaska State Cross Country Championships, you can see for yourself that the Boys prediction and the Girls prediction were upset several times when compared with the actual team scores at the state meet.

Most notable was the flip-flop between the girls 2nd and 5th ranked positions and the official team scores. 4A girls, Lathrop HS, entered the meet ranked second, while the Soldotna HS was sitting in the fifth position. However, as you can see below, almost every single Soldotna athlete PR'd in the same race where only one Lathrop girl had a season record (no PR's).

Ranked 5th - Placed 2nd
Ranked 2nd - Placed 5th


Ready? Go Preview Your State Meet!

Creating custom lists is a Site Supporter feature. Upgrade your team today, to start creating your own hypothetical meets. The cost to upgrade your team has been reduced to $25 during this next week (starting Wednesday, October 16th). Click here to upgrade.

Need help? Get started creating a new list by watching this short video on the AthleticNetVideos channel.

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