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News, Features, and Updates

Free Online Meet Registration

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Coaches have used's online registration for more than 32K events over the last 9 years. It integrates seamlessly with popular meet management applications and our performance database, allowing meet hosts to post results immediately at the conclusion of each event.


If you do not have a free coach account, click here to create one. Below you will find help on getting started:



Add a Meet

Host a Meet

Invite New Coaches


More about Online Meet Registration

At no cost, we provide the most affordable solution for track & field and cross country online registration.

Host an invitational with 248 teams or a dual meet and set up multi-level meets with HS, MS, Club and/or Collegiate teams.

Control automatic seeding or coach override options, monitor entry status by team and event, and export entries into any meet management program.

Automatically notify coaches of attending teams when official results are posted and instantly integrate results into the team, athlete, and performance database.

And for an annual fee, $35 in XC and $45 in TF, teams enjoy enhanced features throughout the website and access to more online registration tools.

Adjust settings for entry deadlines and event limits, keep meet locked or unlocked, confirm or reject teams seeking admission to the meet, and publish live entries during registration or upon conclusion.

Send emails to registered teams, rejected teams, or target specific coaches. Send invite emails to non-registered teams to promote your meet and give them one-click access to meet registration.

Blog Posts
Add meet information and target it to coaches and/or the general public. The blog style platform is located on the meet page.


Get started by going to your team page. Timers can contact to have their company event manager page created.

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