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A Clean Start with your Team Roster!


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News, Features, and Updates

A Clean Start with your Team Roster!

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A clean start to the season with an accurate team roster on will make your coaching tasks simpler for meet registration. Meet directors and coaches can upload official results without waiting for your roster to be updated. Get started with this guide!


Below, you can find out how to upload your complete roster, manually enter your athlete roster, make corrections to existing rosters, and preview some of the additional tools available. To edit your roster, click on Coach Tools, then Edit Athletes.

Upload Roster for Current Season

1) Check the season you are looking at and then click Upload Athlete Roster.

Note: If you are needing to add just a few athletes, you can manually enter your athlete information using the 'Add an Athlete' tool.


2) You can uploading a file or use the copy-paste box to add your roster.


Below, are instructions on how to upload a roster using Excel or Hy-Tek team rosters. When using Excel, copy and paste the roster to, including the headers. Do not attempt to upload the Excel file, itself. Additional instructions for TFRRS athlete rosters are posted on your Upload page.


3) Once your file loads, you still need to add the athletes. Click on the Process Roster tab and then select the file on the left that you just uploaded.



4) Once you have reviewed the uploaded athletes shown on your screen, click the Publish Roster button. You then have two options:

  • Add to Roster - Adds athletes and keeps all existing athletes already listed for this season's roster. (Use if only uploading one gender)
  • Replace Current Roster - Archives (deactivates) all athletes that were on this season's roster but not in your roster upload and keeps just those that are matched with your file and adds new athletes. (Commonly used by coaches uploading a complete team roster with boys and girls)



Make Corrections to Existing Roster

You can edit any athlete on your roster by clicking on the athlete row. Here you can adjust the spelling or grade of the athlete. Plus, there are fields for customized information like birthdates, uniform checkouts, and other notes.


To merge duplicate athletes, you simply need to edit the athlete names so that they are identical. They will automatically merge within 24 hours. To merge with an athlete profile from a previous school, go to the athlete's page and click the 'Make a Correction' link.


To remove an athlete from this season's roster, click on the 'Deactivate' link at the far, right of the athlete row. This will not delete the athlete. Athlete's with data/results on are never deleted.


To activate an athlete that used to be on your roster but was removed from this season's roster, click the 'All Athletes' tab. Find the athlete using the Filter box and then click the 'Activate' link. Select the appropriate grade/year and the athlete will again be on your season roster for this year.


To synchronize indoor and outdoor team rosters, first make sure that one or the other is completely updated, and then click the synchronize link on your Edit Athletes page.

  • This is way too complicated for me.

  • I had my TF page open on a different browser and the step-by-step instructions made it so easy - thanks !

  • Your platform for adding athletes by hand is waaaaay more efficient that creating an excel file. If I could add one suggestion, it would huge if you could make that a two-way street. If I could export my athletes to an Excel file, I could make bus and uniform checklists with no effort. That would be a game changer for me.

  • great looking phone:

  • Follow the site here and join the jumble solver scrambled word game.

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