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How to Merge Duplicate Meet Listings


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News, Features, and Updates

How to Merge Duplicate Meet Listings

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Coaches, you have listed 14,817 meets for the 2014 Outdoor Season. With that number expected to surpass 18,000 meets, this year, it is important that duplicate meet listings do not exist. When adding meets to your calendar, check the meets already listed for the correct one to add. If no other team has added it yet, you can proceed to be the first to add the meet.

The following guide will walk you through the steps on how to merge two meets into one. This ensures that all teams are preparing their meet entries on one meet and the host can quickly download the complete set of entries.

Seeing Double? How to Merge Meets

1) Any coach can scan the meets listed on to clear up duplicates. If you see two similar meet names listed at the same location, go ahead and click on one of them to request a merge.


2) After clicking on the 'Rocket Invite' below, I saw that it only had 1 team registered. The 'Rocket Invitational' listing had all of the other teams. Clicking 'Report Error' from the errant meet listing helps to speed up the approval process by Admin.


3) Next, click the 'Duplicate Meet' option.


4) Then, using the drop-down, select the correct meet.


5) Finally, include a comment to help verify why you are requesting a meet merge and then click 'Submit Error Report'.


6) The meets will be merged within 24 hours. Thanks!


Thank you, coaches, for using! If you have questions regarding this process, let us know.

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