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New Seed Options - FAT, Official Only


News, Features, and Updates

News, Features, and Updates

New Seed Options - FAT, Official Only

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Meet directors and timers have a few new seed options to choose from when downloading entries. This comes in time for many league, region, and state championship level meets.

You can now control the conversion factor of hand times, use FAT seeds only, or ignore hand time seeds altogether. Plus, you can take advantage of Official Results posted on and use those as your only source for seeds.

To change what seeds you accept for your meet, go to your Manage Meet page and click on the Settings Tab. Look under the section titled, 'Seeds'.

FAT Seeds Only

Click on the second drop-down next to 'Hand Time Standardization' and select the 'Accept FAT ONLY' option. All entries for your meet will now pull in seed times from meets that had FAT for the results. If an athlete is entered in your meet, and did not compete in a FAT results meet, they will have no seed time.


Many qualifying or championship level meets require FAT seed times. Teams use to track ALL of their results, including time trials. This option, along with the next one described below, guarantees that your entries are based off of verifiable seeds.

Official Results Only

By default, your entries will include the athlete's best seed time from any result posted on for the season. Some of these results are still hand-entered into the system by coaches with no results file to back up the validity of each result.

When you un-check the option shown below, your meet is now set to accept ONLY Official Results as valid seeds.


The following kinds of results are never marked official: hand entered results, incomplete meet results and single team results (time trials). To ignore these result types, un-check the box.

More Options

You can also turn off all conversions of hand times or select the (.24) conversion for all hand times. By default, the seed option will be set to the (.24/.14/.0) conversion scale - learn more on how times are converted.


Not a new feature, but you can also pull in seed times from multiple years by choosing the 'Personal Records' option. This comes in handy for early season meets where most athletes do not have a seed for the current season.


Plus, you can use a custom meet list to act as your source for seeds. Example: You have a state meet that allows athletes to qualify from a select set of meets throughout the season. 1) Create a custom list of the meets, 2) Select that list under this Seed Source drop-down, 3) All qualifying entries will be downloaded with the seeds obtained at just those meets.

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