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Blog Style Posting Added to Meet Pages


News, Features, and Updates

News, Features, and Updates

Blog Style Posting Added to Meet Pages

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Track & Field meet pages were upgraded this afternoon with the ability to separate your content into multiple postings, also known as blog style posting.

You can view this meet to see an example. Have a lot of content to share? Separate it into multiple postings with clear heading titles to direct your audience.

Quick Tips:

1) Add Posts - break up your information and make it easy to find.



2) Sort Posts - Customize the order of your posts or have them sort by date posted.



3) Coach ONLY View - Post information that can only be viewed by coaches who are signed into their account. Plus, you can click the 'eye' icon to hide your post from everyone and make it available at a later date. This can also be handy to hide out-dated information that you do not want to completely delete.



4) Mobile View - When using a phone or tablet to view your meet page, the post selection becomes a drop-down.


Have you edited the information on your meet page to include multiple posts? Share a link to your meet in the comments below to provide more examples!


  • Love how your "Showdown" page looks and has so much info. Having trouble with this myself....

    1. Tab says I have 2 blog entries, but neither shows. I clicked "source" while exploring the entry window, and lost them. My bad?

    2. Tried to copy/paste our course map, but ctrl+v isn't getting me anywhere. And I don't know the URL import thing... Sorry.


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