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How to Find & Add Meets


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News, Features, and Updates

How to Find & Add Meets

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How to add meets you are attending to your own calendar and create listings for additional meets your team is competing in, this year.


Start on your Team Page

Locate your calendar on the left side, and click the + Add a Meet button.


Next, check your settings. The season will default to the current year, and if the meet is located in your own state, click Next. You can use the Meet ID box if the host team has provided you with the Meet ID number.


Next, click on any of the meets listed to have the option to add the meet to your team calendar. If a meet is not listed, click the + Add a New Meet button to get it listed on and posted on your team calendar.


Post your complete schedule and continue to use for FREE online meet registration and meet management! Your athletes & parents will also love the up-to-date meet information, results, and compiled stats throughout the season.


We are excited to work with you this season! If you have questions, leave a comment or contact our support team.

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