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Excel Meet Manager - XC Edition


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Excel Meet Manager - XC

The easy to use, FREE solution for running your Cross Country meets!

Excel Meet Manager - XC Edition

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The Excel Meet Manager (EMM) - XC Edition Homepage.

NOTE: this manager only works with Cross Country.

The EMMxc is a free Meet Management solution for all users. 

Not an user yet?  Find out here how to get set up with your free coaches account.

The EMMxc speeds meets up tremendously, for FREE!  It integrates with our free Meet Registration features.  If you want a little more info about what the EMMxc is, click here for a brief intro to the EMMxc.

Here is a  brief summary of what the EMMxc handles.  Look for more features soon!

Ready to get started, and see for yourself what the EMMxc is all about? Click here to download the EMMxc.

 EMMxc Tutorial Videos

Interested in what we've been adding with each version?  Find out here: Version Info.

We definitely want to hear if you have suggestions, or if you experience problems with the EMMxc.  Feel free to use the EMMxc forums to give us ideas, report problems, or to let us know anything else you'd like to! 

Curious about Excel Meet Manager - Track & Field Edition?  YES, it's coming this next season too! 

EMMxc's licensing information.

  • I have now used Emmxc 1.08 once and 1.09 twice. What a great great and easy to use software.

    I now need to prepare for track season and can not find the necessary software. The tutorial shows the software.

    How do I get a look at the track and field package.

  • Fellas, you've clearly outdone yourselves again.  EMMxc is wonderful.  I had to tell people more than once that it wasn't I who had done all the work, but the good folks at Hew Hope Christian who helped make the entry labels, scoring and reporting for our district championships such a cinche.

    I consider myself a bit of an Excel geek, but don't have the chutzpah to pull this one off.  I can't imagine how much 'fun' you're having trying to pull together a T/F version that a) doesn't bog down a machine, b) is user-friendly, and c) is user-proof.

    Take care,

    Dan Nechodom, Dayton High School, Dayton, WA

  • My favorite thing about this software is how amazingly fast David and the crew are at responding and having issues fixed!  My teams will always be Site Supporter and I'll get track to do it as well as soon as there is a T&F equivalent.

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