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Download Excel Meet Manager - XC Edition


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Excel Meet Manager - XC

The easy to use, FREE solution for running your Cross Country meets!

Download Excel Meet Manager - XC Edition

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Download current version of the EMMxc here!

This will work in Microsoft Excel 2000 & newer, on a PC (doesn't work on Macs).  Macros MUST be enabled for the EMMxc to work - See Instructions Here.

Current Version: 1.12 - Released: October 21, 2013 - Click Here to Download - License

Update - 10/21/2013:

Version 1.12 of the EMMxc has been released, and is being used to run meets together with's free entry registration and result uploading.  The EMMxc is now fully compatible with Excel 2000 and newer!

Download the EMMxc - Version 1.12
What's new in 1.12? Find out here

EMMxc Tutorial Videos



Label Templates
You can use these templates to print labels from the EMMxc.  The main template (Avery 5160) should work with any standard 30-on-a-sheet labels.  If you customize the templates for other label sizes, feel free to email them to us, and we'll post them for all to use!

EMMxc Label Package - Zip folder containing Templates for Entries & Schools, the Barcode Font, and Instructions for installing the font and using the labels.

More Labels Here

Version Info - What is new in each version.

  • is there a compatible timing system for this program?

  • Joshua, this looks like a great program. However, I use a Mac laptop, and it isn't compatible with the macros. Is there a Mac version in the works, or am I out of luck?

  • I've tried using it with Excel 2011 on a Mac with macros enabled but when I click on "Download Meet" I keep getting an invalid Meet ID or Key message.  Does this mean for sure that it won't work on a Mac or is there any work around?


  • I'm disappointed that it doesn't work with Mac's either. Any chance that will change in the future?

  • When I click on the EMMxcLabelsv1.1 I get a map and photos of Utah.  What am I doing wrong?

  • When I download the meet I am only get our varsity runners and not the ones from the other teams, is there a glitch in the setup?

  • I am looking to use a bar code scanner.. suggestions on which one or advice how to do it

  • How do you change the scoring divisions on the entries tab as my race should say hs not ms?

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