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EMMxc Versions - What's New

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Version 1.12 (Released 10/21/2013)

  • Fixed bug interpreting Youth Club age brackets as dates.


Version 1.11 (Released 10/04/2013)

  • Fixed bug introduced in labels in Version 1.10.


Version 1.10 (Released 09/30/2013)

  • Minor upgrades to facilitate multi-level meets.
  • Minor upgrades to enable better matching on


Version 1.08 (Released 10/07/09)

  • Fixed grade level error.



Version 1.07 (Released 10/16/08)

  • Fixed printing of Entries error.


Version 1.06 (Released 10/15/08)

  • Fixed printing of Entries error.


Version 1.05 (Released 9/27/08)

  • Added capability to score 4 athletes, with next 2 displacing.
  • Added capability to score dual style meets.
  • Improved & expanded Advanced Scoring Mode interface.
  • Added capability to override scores (Judge's Decision).
  • Modified EMMxc to allow two copies of the EMMxc to be open at same time.
  • Reduced Race & Scoring Sheet Template copying time by greater than 50%.
  • Updated uploading instructions.

Version 1.01 (Released 9/16/08)

  • Added capability to insert rows using Ctrl+Shift+Insert.
  • Modified AutoSave routine to prevent errors when multiple spreadsheets are open.
  • Fixed 2000 compatibility bug.
  • Updated EMMxc Version Checker.

Version 1.00 (Full Release, Released 9/11/08)

  • Minor improvements to Excel 2000 compatibility - All features compatible now!
  • Minor adjustments to make it easier to paste times into Races.
  • Added check to confirm valid Meet ID and Key

Version 0.98 (Preview 3, Released: 9/11/08)

  • Full compatibility with Excel 2000 & newer!
  • Minor updates.

Version 0.95 (Preview 3, Released: 8/28/08)

  • Is now fully functioning: will download, run, score, and upload a meet!
  • Rebuilt EMMxc to handle scoring in a simpler manner.
  • Closer to being Excel 2000 Compatible, but not quite.
  • Should be fully Mac Compliant (Excel 2004 & 2008), but has not been verified.

See the Download Page (Link is on your right) do download and try it out.

Version 0.75 (Preview 2, Released: 8/05/08)

  • Added integrated Upload functionality - enables EMMxc results to be exported to
  • Added ability to lock cells - preventing users from accidentally changing system and default values.
  • Added Label Templates that interface with the EMMxc to print Athlete & School Labels
  • Fixed a few minor bugs - more fixes coming!

Version 0.70 (Preview 1,  Released: 7/29/08)

  • Contains basic feature set.
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