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Excel Meet Manager - XC

The easy to use, FREE solution for running your Cross Country meets!
  • Excel Meet Manager - XC

    Download Excel Meet Manager - XC Edition

    Download current version of the EMMxc here! This will work in Microsoft Excel 2000 & newer, on a PC ( doesn't work on Macs ). Macros MUST be enabled for the EMMxc to work - See Instructions Here . Current Version: 1.12 - Released...
  • Excel Meet Manager - XC

    EMMxc Versions - What's New

    Version 1.12 (Released 10/21/2013) Fixed bug interpreting Youth Club age brackets as dates. Version 1.11 (Released 10/04/2013) Fixed bug introduced in labels in Version 1.10. Version 1.10 (Released 09/30/2013) Minor upgrades to facilitate multi-level...
  • Excel Meet Manager - XC

    EMMxc Scenario Summary

    The EMMxc will handle these different scenarios. Send us a feedback if you have a question about its capabilities. Race/Scoring Organization: Scores 5 athletes, with next 2 displacing, or 4 athletes, with next 2 displacing. Standard 5 athletes scoring...
  • Excel Meet Manager - XC

    Excel Meet Manager - XC Edition

    The Excel Meet Manager (EMM) - XC Edition Homepage. NOTE: this manager only works with Cross Country. The EMMxc is a free Meet Management solution for all users. Not an user yet? Find out here how to get set up with...
  • Excel Meet Manager - XC

    EMMxc Labels

    The main templates (Avery 5160) should work with any standard 30-on-a-sheet labels. If you customize the templates for other label sizes feel free to email them to us, and we'll post them for all to use! EMMxc Label Package - Zip folder containing...
  • Excel Meet Manager - XC Excel Meet Manager Preview Released

    We are releasing a preview of a new Meet Manager solution:'s Excel Meet Manager (EMM) - XC Edition . The EMMxc is free for ALL users. Click here to download the EMMxc. (This page will always have the current version available...
  • Excel Meet Manager - XC

    Enable Macros

    As you might have discovered, Macros MUST be enabled in order for the EMMxc to work properly. NEW! Watch the Enabling Macros Videos - or follow the instructions below. If you aren't sure if your Macros are enabled, try clicking a menu button in the...
  • Excel Meet Manager - XC

    Licensing Details

    The Excel Meet Manager - XC Edition is Copyright 2008 by Bowdoin Consulting. We strongly encourage the sharing and customization of this meet management solution, as long as credit is given to & Bowdoin Consulting. Specifically...
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