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NoteTab - use to create delimited files for upload

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NoteTab - use to create delimited files for upload

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  • I have recently been sent two files to examine and see how I might process them for upload using my favorite text editor (and the macros in it called clips).

    The two files are somewhat common formats:

      1 #1551 Hayes, Shelby       12 Winter Park             5:51.8   18:13.02    1
      2 #1312 Blake, Bridget       9 Freedom                 5:57.4   18:30.24
      3 #1379 Valentine, Vanessa  10 Melbourne               6:01.2   18:42.08    2
      4 #1410 Brown, Mary Ann      9 Orange Park             6:02.9   18:47.33
      5 #1336 Water, Sarai        12 Lake Brantley           6:03.9   18:50.42
      6 #1549 Ducos, Marjorie     12 Winter Park             6:04.2   18:51.31    3
      7 #1523 Thomas, Grace       11 Vero Beach              6:05.6   18:55.64    4
      8 #1217 Solaun, Sierra      12 Buchholz HS             6:06.9   18:59.86
      9 #1517 Ahrens, Emily       11 Vero Beach              6:07.3   19:01.10    5
     10 #1413 Brennan, Laurel        Park Vista (Boyn        6:08.4   19:04.58    6


        1   713  Pecha, Spencer              12  Campbell County              16:16.48      1
        2   714  Polson, Trevor              11  Campbell County              16:25.65      2
        3   824  Reitsma, Austin             11  Laramie                      16:26.40      3
        4   893  Morin, Dylan                11  Sheridan                     16:29.27      4
        5   879  Zans, Garrett               12  Rock Springs                 16:32.69      5
        6   857  Oldman, Devin               11  Riverton                     16:57.54      6
        7   833  Hunsicker, KC               11  Natrona County               16:58.97      7
        8   778  Francom, Cody               12  Green River                  17:09.05      8
        9   739  Whitmore, Tayler            11  Cheyenne Central             17:13.07      9
       10   770  Sorensen, Alex              11  Evanston                     17:15.00     10

    While it doesn't show here, this data is in fixed width columns.  Thus you could import it into excel and use fixed width columns.

    However it would be much faster I suggest, to use a clip in notetab.

    The following clip will do either/both of these formats and make them into upload files that can be pasted directly into the uploader.

    Clip: 0268.genericfind.txt

    I am sure I can improve more on this.  Notetab is free and available here: although I have the "Pro" version which is nicer, and not very expensive.  To install the clip, open the text file above, copy it to the clipboard.  With notetab open, right click in the clip library pane (F4 toggles the clip library pane on and off so you can see where it is) and choose add from clipboard.

    I have just had some further ideas on this that may make it even better ... I should gather a set of data and show the result to confirm before processing perhaps ... for example.

  • Here are the results by the way when I run the clip ...

    Gender    Division    Place    FirstName    LastName    Grade    School    Time
    2    F    1    Shelby    Hayes    12    Winter Park    18:13.02
    2    F    2    Bridget    Blake    9    Freedom    18:30.24
    2    F    3    Vanessa    Valentine    10    Melbourne    18:42.08
    2    F    4    Mary Ann    Brown    9    Orange Park    18:47.33
    2    F    5    Sarai    Water    12    Lake Brantley    18:50.42
    2    F    6    Marjorie    Ducos    12    Winter Park    18:51.31
    2    F    7    Grace    Thomas    11    Vero Beach    18:55.64
    2    F    8    Sierra    Solaun    12    Buchholz HS    18:59.86
    2    F    9    Emily    Ahrens    11    Vero Beach    19:01.10
    2    F    10    Laurel    Brennan        Park Vista (Boyn    19:04.58


    Gender    Division    Place    FirstName    LastName    Grade    School    Time
    1    M    1    Spencer    Pecha    12    Campbell County    16:16.48
    1    M    2    Trevor    Polson    11    Campbell County    16:25.65
    1    M    3    Austin    Reitsma    11    Laramie    16:26.40
    1    M    4    Dylan    Morin    11    Sheridan    16:29.27
    1    M    5    Garrett    Zans    12    Rock Springs    16:32.69
    1    M    6    Devin    Oldman    11    Riverton    16:57.54
    1    M    7    KC    Hunsicker    11    Natrona County    16:58.97
    1    M    8    Cody    Francom    12    Green River    17:09.05
    1    M    9    Tayler    Whitmore    11    Cheyenne Central    17:13.07
    1    M    10    Alex    Sorensen    11    Evanston    17:15.00

    Notice by the way the tenth example in the first set ... grade was not included for that athlete in the raw data and so it just skips that field in essence ... leaving it blank.  Grade is thus optional.

  • Someone just sent me a set of data ... it was in word ... and the above clip will NOT work on it.

    Problem is that they typed enough returns on each line to make the columns line up ... but that meant sometimes there were one, two or three returns between each field on a given row.

    Hint in noteTAB: hit shift+F12 and non-printing characters become "visible" like the tab and thus I know instantly what the problem is.  If you copy and paste to excel you will have things over several fields because of the excessive tabs.

    I used search and replace in notetab to replace all instances of multiple tabs with one.

    Open the replace dialog (control+R) and tick the regex box (stands for Regular Expressions -- lets you do a search on steroids in essence).  In the top box type \t\t+ and in the bottom box type \t

    \t stands for tab -- the + means one or more .... so \t\t+ means two or more tabs in a row should be replaced with \t which is a single tab.

    Great way to dump the extra tabs ... and then you can either copy and paste to excel or keep processing in notetab.

  • Okay, display non-printing characters is a pro version feature ... so disregard.  $29.95 to see what I see ... :-)  I don't mean this to be an add, but I have used the software for years and only paid for one of the upgrades, most updates are distributed free and it is the most productive piece of software on my desktop.  I don't mean this to be an advertisement for the product and the free version does much of what the pro version does, but not this and not multiple undo's both of which I use extensively.

  • How I process this set of results from word to excel for upload to
    Jing Demo:

    open word, highlight and copy all results for pasting to notetab

    copy contents to notetab from word

    replace tabs using find and replace in regular exp. mode \t\t+ and \t are the search and replace terms respectively and be sure regular exp. is checked for this one

    notice I double click in a blank space in the replace dialog to get to the top of my document before hitting replace all -- may not be obvious I do this

    highlight all columns and format as text (I always work in text in excel with times to avoid excel treating them as dates)

    format columns to fit content so you can see everything by highlighting columns and then format/column/auto format

    fix the one time and put unknown unknown for the unknown athlete ... not sure what should be done with these, perhaps ANet can advise us

    copy first column with data in excel back to notetab so we can break it into place/name columns

    replace the period and two spaces with a tab (this is not a regular expression search ... when not in regular searching a ^P is a paragraph and a ^T is a tab in notetab)

    copy the whole thing back to excel

    Note I moved over two columns and I left those empty columns when I started knowing I'd be back to this point in the future

    use a clip I wrote to fix the names ... it finds people with three names ... you could alternatively do this in excel with data, text to columns with space as delimiter (and then recombine those with three names) or in notetab search for space and replace with tab and then delete the extra tabs for people with three names

    copy back to excel -- note the stuff we paste takes up two columns

    I then add two columns at the beginning for the Division and Gender columns ... right click and insert

    since it's girls I'll assume it's race Division 2 = girls varsity by default

    And for gender it's F

    I copy and paste these into the whole column

    Label the columns -- this is mandatory

    ready to copy and paste into upload in or save and browse to upload in

    hope that is helpful ... questions? send me an email or friend me and start a conversation here in the forum

  • How to use Notetab ...

    I'm Jinging it with sound, David Johnson eat your heart out ....

    1. How to Create a New Clip Library -- if you decide to use notetab to help with data conversion for upload, I encourage you to keep your clips in your own library.

    2. Create Your First Notetab Clip, Hello World -- once you decide to use notetab you will want to unlock the power of clips, handy little "macros" that can do simply things like insert text or complex things like manipulate data, or take over your computer and do amazing things.


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