Why did Norton installation stuck in the starting?

If you install the Norton and your device for the virus security and you find out that the software you installed is not working or corrupt this could be due to installing the software of Norton incorrectly. If you find a problem such as Norton installation stuck in the starting, this could be due to the following reasons:

If your internet connection is dropped or not using WIFI:

In this case, you need to cancel the installation and start installing when you are connected with a strong internet connection. Wi-Fi connection is recommended while downloading and installing the Norton Antivirus software in your device.

If you are installing the incorrect version of the software as per your system configuration:

You need to make sure that the version of the software you are trying to install is compatible with the configuration of the system you are using. You need to check the system configurations and then try to install the software again according to the system configurations.

If you are not able to install the software in your device completely after connecting it with strong internet connection and using right version of the software, you need to contact the Norton customer service team and get the best assistance. You need to discuss the problem with them and they will provide you the solution to the problem then and there.