I never knew you could match both unmatched and matched athletes -- meaning you can match an existing athlete to two or more "unmatched" athletes on the left side of the match.

Example, in the left column I have:

Jon Smith (lazy operator shortened it during the 100M since it was busy in the scoring area)

J. Smith (lazy computer program truncates it for the 4x100 meter relay so they can fit all the names in the given space, or sydex might do it Jon Smi because it only uses so many characters)

Jonathan Smith (had time during the 3200 to enter in all of the 300Hurdle names completely)

Now when you get there IF Jonathan Smith already exists on the right side (existing roster), then it will show as matched at the lower left of the match screen because Jonathan Smith (300H) matched Jonathan Smith (existing roster).

We now have two unmatched names on the left top: J. Smith and Jon Smith

To solve this, click on either one on the left and then on the right go under "Matched" names on the right and select it again.  Repeat for the other unmatched.  In the end we have three different variations all matched to the roster name.

I thought I could only select from the unmatched roster names -- but in fact you can also match from the "already matched" roster names when necessary to avoid creating duplicate athletes in the database.