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Re: A complete guide to become a successful certified Scrum Master

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A complete guide to become a successful certified Scrum Master

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If you want to produce and deliver the highest possible value, then you should be helped by the team to deliver the product in short cycles, continual improvements, enabling fast feedbacks and rapid adaption to change.
It is not hard to be a certified Scrum Master but to successfully lead your team by being under the principles of courage, commitment and focus is the important part.

Let us now know about the Complete Guide to Becoming a Certified Scrum Master. To start with, let us know who is a Scrum Master and what are the responsibilities that s/he has to play.

The work of the Scrum Master is to facilitate the team and increasing the chances of their success. S/he is not a project manager or project leader, rather, s/he is a servant leader who helps the team in succeeding within the Scrum framework. The Scrum Master also protects the team from distractions that can derail the productivity of the team.

The requirements to become a certified Scrum Master are:

§  Familiarizing with the Scrum and completing the pre-requisites to attend a CSM course.
§  Attending the Scrum Master Certification Training.
§  Passing the Certified Scrum Master examination.
Best practices to become a Scrum Master are:
*      All the queries of project managers, developers and owners should be listened by the Scrum Master.
*      Multi-tasking should be avoided during work.
*      Proper respect should be given even to the smallest team member and the perspectives should be heard.
*      Genuine appreciation for the team should be shown for their successful accomplishment.

Certified Scrum Master exam called CSM should be cleared in order to become a successful certified Scrum Master. By doing this Scrum Master Certification Online, an individual can understand the practices, Scrum Values, applications and can also provide a level of expertise and knowledge.

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