The iPhone 6 Won't Turn on - 'A Completed How To Fix it' 

Client protest : My iPhone 6 Just Won't Turn on", I had a go at holding the power catch down for over 2 minutes , I even had a go at charging the telephone for 3 hours and as yet nothing. I've prepared a ton of articles online however none can truly help me to expedite my iPhone., kindly assistance" 

This is the issues that keep thinking of the iPhone 6. One of the issues is the iPhone 6 screen won't turn on. In this issue the screen does not turn on at all and the client just gets the dark screen as though the telephone is turned off. 

So what should be possible when you face such an issue? In this article we are going to give you an itemized answer for the iPhone 6 that won't turn on. 

How to fix iPhone 6 contact ID not working 


  • iPhone 6 Won't Turn 
  • Ensure : Checklist 
  • Check if the telephone has enough charge 

The primary thing that you ought to do is check if the telephone has enough charged with the goal that it can turn on. So interface your telephone to a power source and leave it for in any event 15-20 minutes. Presently after you have charged the telephone for 15-20 minutes attempt to turn on the gadget regularly to check in the event that it can begin now. In the event that it does, at that point it was only an ordinary battery issue yet in the event that it doesn't, at that point simply go ahead with our guide. 

Interface your iPhone 6 with your PC 

in the event that the above strategy has not had the option to turn on the screen of your iPhone 6 then you have to have a go at utilizing your PC to fix the issue. 

  • In this procedure you would need to interface the iPhone 6 to your PC utilizing a USB link. 
  • After this you would need to open the iTunes application on your PC. 
  • There is a decent shot that the iTunes application would identify your telephone naturally. 

On the off chance that it does, at that point you have to reestablish your telephone. You can either complete a processing plant reestablish or reestablish it to some past date when the iPhone was running superbly fine utilizing a put away reinforcement. After this your iPhone 6 would begin running like typical once more. iphone 6 Screen Stays Black, Won’t Turn on, Home Button Won’t Work after Battery Replacement, Other Issues

Presently on the off chance that the iTunes application has recognized your iPhone 6, at that point it's fine yet imagine a scenario where it doesn't distinguish your iPhone. 

In the event that the iTunes application doesn't recognize the telephone, at that point you would need to compel the iPhone 6 into recuperation mode and afterward play out the industrial facility reestablish. 

For doing the previously mentioned procedure simply press and hold the Home catch while you are associating the USB link into the telephone. Simply hold it down until you see the Connect to iTunes screen on the telephone. When you see the screen you can simply give up off the Home catch. 
On the off chance that you don't prevail to reach to the Connect to iTunes screen in the main endeavor then you would need to continue attempting it for 3-4 times until you at last get the interface with iTunes screen. 

After the screen has been appeared on the telephone you will be provoked a message that iTunes has recognized the telephone in Recovery Mode and afterward you can utilize the iTunes to simply reestablish your gadget. 

Additionally note that when you are reestablishing in the recuperation mode then every one of the records on your gadget would be erased so you should cause a reinforcement in the event that you to have some significant documents on the telephone that you would not have any desire to lose. You can back up your telephone utilizing iTunes and subsequent to doing that simply restart the gadget. 

Answers for the iPhone 6 that won't turn on 


  • Power Reset the iPhone 
  • on the off chance that your iPhone 6 hangs and doesn't respond when it's associated with a charger, resetting may fix the issue. 
  • Press the power and home catch, and hold it for a couple of moments 
  • In the event that the iPhone 6 won't turn, attempt this again while it's charging. 
  • Fix an iPhone Wifi issue 
  • Enter Recovery mode 
  • Interface your iPhone to your PC 
  • Dispatch iTunes 

Power restart your iPhone while it is associated with your PC. Press and hold the rest/wake catch and the Home catch in the meantime. When the Apple logo shows up, continue holding the catches. Discharge the catches when the Recovery mode screen appears. 

You will see two choices: Restore or Update. Snap Update. iTunes will introduce the most recent variant of iOS – this won't delete your information. 
Workarounds that worked for other people  Attempt another divider outlet. 


  • Change the charging technique. Rather than utilizing a divider charger, associate your iPhone or iPad to your PC. 
  • Attempt another USB port. 
  • Clean the charging port to expel earth, garbage or residue. 
  • Ensure the USB link isn't harmed. 
  • Attempt another USB link. 
  • Attempt another charger. 

Why my iPhone 6 Wont Turn on ? 

Your iPhone won't turn on after water harm ? or then again Your iPhone won't turn on after iOS update  Investigating with you 

Power restart – press and hold the rest/wake catch and the Home catch in the meantime and hold them for in any event 10 seconds (in some cases 30 seconds) until the Apple logo shows up on the screen. 


  • In the event that that does not work, use iTunes to reestablish your iPhone to plant settings. 
  • On the off chance that iTunes doesn't perceive your telephone, place it in the recuperation mode and after that Restore (clarified previously). 
  • iPhone 6 Won't Turn The propelled way 
  • Unplugging the battery, battery substitution, and the substitution of the lighting flex link can fix the issue. In any case, on the off chance that you don't know how to do any of these things, let the experts fix the issue. 

Unplug the battery 
the iPhone 6 won't turn on the grounds that there is an issue in the power rationale board. You can attempt to reset it by unplugging the battery. Unplug the battery and sit tight for quite a long time, at that point plug it back. Presently, attempt to turn on your iPhone 6s.