Section 1: Possible Reasons for the iPhone 6 Black Screen 

Before we examine the arrangements, let us view the purposes for this issue. 
Deficient battery - Most of the occasions, when the screen goes dark or when your gadget won't turn on, it is because of battery issues. On the off chance that the battery of your gadget is low or on the off chance that it harmed, at that point chances are high that this issue may happen. 
Capacity harmed - Memory of your gadget additionally gets a state in this circumstance. On the off chance that your gadget is running low of memory or in the event that there are an excessive number of applications, at that point this issue may happen. Running too numerous applications on a low memory can make harm the capacity. 

Framework glitches - Errors in the working framework can likewise be one reason that may cause this issue. This can occur while refreshing the product or while refreshing a certain application. 
Equipment issue - notwithstanding all the previously mentioned reasons, equipment additionally assumes a significant job in the event of this issue. In some cases it may be a harmed screen or whatever other segment that causes this issue. 

Section 2: How to Fix iPhone 6/6s Black Screen of Death 

Solution1: Restart/Reboot The Device 

Restarting your iPhone 6/6s may have some effect on the issue. Restarting will help free some common assets. What's more, if the mistake is caused because of some product glitches, restarting may help unravel the blunder. Apple iPhone 6 Screen Went Black Not Turning On Issue & Other Related Problems Here is a well ordered guide on how you can illuminate the issue if iPhone 6 screen went dark. 

Stage 1: Press and hold the rest catch until the "slide to power off" slider shows up. When the slider shows up, slide it to close down the gadget. 
power off iphone 

Step2: Now long press a similar rest catch until you see the Apple logo. Your gadget will currently begin and potentially the issue may have vanished. 

2: Fix iPhone 6 Black Screen without iTunes (No Data Loss) 

All things considered, if the above traps neglected to work, before bouncing into reclamation, you can generally fix dark screen issue for your iPhone 6/6s with Tenorshare ReiBoot. This device will help tackle your any issue identified with iPhone framework, including dark/blue screen, recuperation mode stuck, Apple logo screen, etc with basic snaps. Here is the well ordered guide on how you can fix dark screen on iPhone 6/6s/7/8/X/XR/XS. 

Stage 1: Install and run the Tenorshare ReiBoot device on your PC. When you have introduced the product, associate your gadget to the PC utilizing a USB link. Snap on "Fix Operating System" elective. 
iphone 6 recuperation mode 

Stage 2: Now click on "Begin Repair" choice according to your present variant of iOS to begin the fixing procedure. 
ios performs strangely 

Stage 3: Then the instrument will demonstrate the most up to date firmware bundle for the present iOS that your gadget is working on. Snap on "Download" to begin the establishment of the bundle in the event that you don't have it on the PC. 
download firmware bundle on the web 

Stage 4: When the download is finished, select "Begin Repair" alternative to begin the recuperation of your gadget. Following a couple of minutes, the procedure will finishes and your gadget will reboot as ordinary. 
ios framework is fixed effectively 

Arrangement 3: Force Restart iPhone 6/6s 

At the point when a typical restart does not yield any achievement, you can generally attempt to power restart your gadget. Power restart has a similar outcome, however a profound effect. Here are the means to power restart your gadget and have an iPhone 6 dark screen fix. 

Stage 1: Long press the rest catch and the Home catch in the meantime. 
power restart iphone 6 

Stage 2: Do this until the screen goes clear and the Apple logo shows up. When the Apple logo comes into view, discharge the catches. Your gadget has been restarted effectively. 

Arrangement 4: Charge Your Device for quite a while 

In the event that if the explanation for the issue is deficient battery, everything you can do is charge your iPhone 6/6s for some time. If it's not too much trouble note that don't charge your gadget to full. Continuously quit charging the gadget once the battery level crosses 90%. Likewise evacuate any case or front of the gadget while charging. This may unravel the iPhone 6 dark screen lethargic issue. 

charge iphone 6 
Arrangement 5: Restore Your iPhone utilizing iTunes (Data Loss) 

Now and then reestablishing your gadget may tackle the issue. Thus you can generally reestablish your gadget utilizing iTunes. The main issue here that we experience is the loss of information. Subsequently, a large portion of the clients abstain from utilizing this arrangement. Here is a well ordered guide on how you can reestablish your iPhone utilizing iTunes and unravel iPhone 6 dark screen stuck. 

Stage 1: Open iTunes and associate your gadget to the PC. On the off chance that it requests the password, give one. 
Stage 2: Select your gadget when it shows up in iTunes. Under the Backups segment, select "Reestablish Backup" choice. Pick the information base that has the ongoing date. 
reestablish iphone 

Stage 3: Select Restore and trust that the procedure will end. 

Arrangement 6: Head towards Apple Store to Solve the Issue 

Furthermore, at last, if the issue appears to surface because of equipment breakdown, it is smarter to make a beeline for an Apple Store. On the off chance that your gadget is in guarantee period, the issue will be illuminate free of expense, else you should pay a cost.