One of the most common problems that Yahoo users face is the lost password. Usually, it’s because they make a long password, which they easily forget. Unfortunately, there seems not to be the right solution to choosing an unbreakable password. It just needs to be long and complicated. But, what are you supposed to do if you can’t remember it?

Well, if you’ve connected your Yahoo account with your phone number or recovery mail, you will be able to reset the password without asking Yahoo support for help. But, if that’s not the case, the problem is a bit bigger. We say “a bit”, because there is a solution!

Here’s How to Reset Password (Without Phone Number & Recovery Mail)
According to the experts from the Yahoo support Ireland, changing the password without a phone number and a recovery mail, can be done easily. Here is how:

Head to the Yahoo Sign-In Help, which you can visit through this link
Enter your email
Yahoo Help will offer to send a verification code to your mobile phone or alternative address
As you don’t have any of these, click skip
Yahoo will then ask you to provide them with the answers to your security questions
If you answer correctly, you will get your account back
When that happens, make sure to update your account’s settings and connect it with phone and recovery mail
Unfortunately, not all users can remember the exact answers to their security questions. This may be a problem, but with the help of tech support you can solve it. Yahoo might ask you a few more additional information, such as the email address of someone with whom you often have conversations. But, if even that don’t get you back your account, it’s time to contact Yahoo support Ireland. Only they have what’s needed for you to get your account back.

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