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Google Account Recovery With https // for help

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Google Account Recovery With https // for help

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Want to Recover Google Account Using Here are the Steps

Google account is a widely used account to access a number of applications, either Google products or 3rd party applications. In case, the user is unable to access Google account, it might affect a lot of work.

To use the Google account, the user should have an email address and password for the account. If the password is incorrect, the user needs to follow the recovery procedure of Google, which is as follows:

>>Google account recovery page is browsed in the web browser.

>>Then, the user is asked to enter the email address of the account and Next is clicked.

>>On the next page forgot password link is clicked to start the recovery procedure.

>>To recover the password, a user can choose any of the methods among last remembered password, recovery phone number, recovery email or security question.

>>By choosing the preferred method of account recovery, the user will get an option to create a new password.

>>The new password is created and confirmed by entering it in the given blank fields.

>>Once it is done, the password can be used for signing-in to the account.

If any recovery issue is there, then you need to go through the given link for better understanding  Google account recovery with https // 

For any help, the technical support of Google can be contacted using the details available on Google’s official website.

How to Recover Google Account With https // for Help

Recover Your Google Account Via Https // for Help#mce_temp_url
Some people claim that an advantage of a Google account is that Google account holder can easily recover users Google account password. We Had a different experience. This post covers the various stumbling blocks. Even if Google account holder currently don’t have a problem with users password, We Recommend reading this article so Google account holder are aware of the various traps that might cause users password reset attempts to fail.
In theory, Google account holder only have to go to
https // for help and Google will send Google account holder a password reset link to users alternate email address or to users phone.
We suppose this will work just fine in most cases. However, several circumstances exist that can cause this procedure to fail. In my case, the recovery email address We Entered when We Created the Google account was wrong. This can easily happen because the sign-up form only has one form field for the alternate email address, and Google doesn’t send a confirmation link to the email address. Thus, Google account holder can enter any email address and Google account holder will only notice that Google account holder mistypes the address when Google account holder need it for recovering users account. By then, it is already too late, and things will get very complicated.
Verify Your Personal identity
Google offers an alternate option for resetting users password if Google account holder don’t have access to users recovery address. Google account holder just have to select We Don’t have any of these on the We need to verify users identity page.
Google account holder see now that it is important to enter the correct information when Google account holder create the Google account. Aside from personal information, Google account holder also have to know things such as email addresses of contacts Google account holder have recently sent emails to, the corresponding email subjects Google account holder used, and email folders Google account holder created recently.
Now comes something funny. We Tried this procedure several times, and We Failed even though We Still had access to the account. That is, We Could provide all the information because We Simply copied it from my inbox. A couple of seconds later, We Received an automated email from Google with the crucial sentence:

By the way, if Google account holder think that the recovery code for users Google account or the identity verification app on users phone could be helpful in this situation, these verification methods are reserved for when Google account holder try to sign in from a location or device that Google considers as suspicious. If Google account holder didn’t configure one of these methods, Google account holder will have to enter a code that Google sends to users recovery email address. However, these recovery methods are useless if users account is blocked.
Lost Google Account Password without Internet Access

Another problem exists with resetting a Google account password if Google account holder use the password to sign in to Gmail account. Let’s assume Google account holder entered the recovery email correctly and received a password reset code. If the computer on which Google account holder forgot the password has no Internet access, Google account holder won’t be able to sign in with the new password. If Google account holder have no other account for this computer and have to sign in to establish an Internet connection (for instance, if Google account holder use a mobile plan), Google account holder are in trouble.
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