Quickbooks Online: Common Sync Errors

How exactly to troubleshoot and fix common errors with Quickbooks Online sync. Occasionally, especially when first setting up and syncing with shopVOX; you will definitely come across some issue that don't quite work with Quickbooks. This could also happen once you create a brand new Product or add an innovative new material to a preexisting Product. After you have these resolved, you mustn't see errors of the same key in the near future.If you want to know How to fix QuickBooks Online Sync, contact QuickBooks.

<QUICKBOOKS::INTUITREQUESTEXCEPTION: DUPLICATE DOCUMENT NUMBER ERROR:>Duplicate Document Number Error : You must specify a new number. This number had been used.>
Solution : This error Means there is certainly already an invoice with this number.  In the event that you fully grasp this error you will need to to delete the Invoice in QB to export it again. you need to go and add the exact same name within the Company field and then attempt to re-import. This happens whenever you manually create a customer in QB.
<QUICKBOOKSONLINEPOSTJOB::QBOEMPTYQUERYRESULTERROR:>Select Id, CompanyName From Customer where CompanyName = 'James Stark Trucking Inc.'; returned 0 results>
Solution :  This means there was a person name in QB but that name is just regarding the Display Name field and never when you look at the company name it must be both in places

<QUICKBOOKS::INTUITREQUESTEXCEPTION:>A business validation error has occurred while processing your request: Business Validation Error: You simply can't enter a lot more than 31 characters in the sales_custom_1_val field. You tried entering Somewhere available to you CAD and US vinyls, which is 37 characters.
Solution :  If something similar to this error shows up the reason behind here is the Customer PO field has more than 31 characters. Be sure that field has less than 31 chars.

Fix this by decreasing the wide range of characters to be lower than 31.
<QUERY RETURNED ZERO RESULTS:>Query: Select Id, Name From Account where Name = ''; returned 0 results
Solution : This means one of several line items is a custom item and there is no Custom Item Income and Custom Item COGS within the COA mapping.

Solution :  In QB a line item name only allows 100 chars , so just be sure all the line item names in your transaction is not as much as 100 chars.