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Now when you understand that all the measures you take should be professionally approached when your account is hacked. There are some established ways that your account can be revived. So follow them: 

  • -The first thing you need to take is to modify your password right away and make sure it's much safer and difficult to crack this time around. Use your password's symbols and number.
  • -If you have an antivirus software installed on your desktop, conduct a complete scan to detect and remove any malware or virus on your device.
  • -You should also alter the safety issues of your account.
  • -Make an in-depth evaluation of your emails to ensure that inappropriate content or emails are not inserted.
  • -Check your display name not to contain AOL, A.O.L. or all letters, etc.
  • -Check your AOL mail signature to verify that no one has inserted any unacceptable material into your account.

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