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New Balance Nationals entry question

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Does anyone know how to move an unattached, paid entry for New Balance Nationals into a team's registration? I was told by the NB support staff that this is possible, but they told me to contact for specifics. I can't figure out how to merge the two. I have sent an email, but hoping someone may have an answer sooner. Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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  • We had the same issue. Even though all of my athletes are on our roster, they were all showing up as unattached when they tried to register for several l hours yesterday. One who is running an individual event and both relays thought she could register for her individual event and then switch over her affiliation, but now we can't enter her in the relays...I emailed NS and they looped in another person (perhaps from who said they will have to cancel the initial registration (there is a fee involved) to allow her to be re-entered with our team. This all happened last night and this morning so we are still waiting for her to be cancelled. Short answer, they won't let you merge but you do have to ask them to cancel the unattached entry then re-enter...

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