A password in any email account holds a lot of importance. The password is not only essential to log in to your account but also to make changes in the account. You can change the password anytime you want to or reset it if you have forgotten your email password.This article provides the essential steps for Change Hotmail Password.

If you see an error message “incorrect email or password” at the time of logging in to your Hotmail account, ensure that you have entered the right email and password. In case, you continue to see this message then select “Forgot Password” option to reset your password.

Common Login Issues You May Encounter

If you click on “Forgot Password” but do not receive the email message with a link provided to reset the password, then look out for these common problems:


  • Check if you have entered your email address correctly in the sign-up page.
  • See if you entered the same email address which you used at the time of registering with the Hotmail account.
  • Check the spam folder to see if there is a message from Hotmail about resetting the password.
  • Factors to keep in mind at the time of setting a New Password


Use at least 8 Characters: At the time of changing the password, it is important to keep the password as big as possible. Users only enter four to five characters while changing the password. It is not safe from a security perspective to keep a small password.

Don’t use the real name: Avoid using your real name as the password of your account. The name is very common and anyone can guess it easily. This is very risky as your account can easily hacked.

Use an appropriate combination of Letters and Numbers: Using a series of letters or number is not considered safe when it comes to changing Hotmail password. A right combination of letters and numbers will form a stronger password and make the account secure in all aspects.

Security Questions: Many a time, the users face their Outlook password. Hence, you can set up a number of answers to predefined questions. This will come in use to access the Hotmail Account whenever you forget your password. You need to do is choose the question and provide the correct answers to access the Hotmail Account.

Easy Methods for Hotmail password change

Change your Password

Open your Hotmail Account and go to Settings. Under the “sign in and Security”, select ‘Signing into Hotmail. After this choose the password and enter the new password. You will probably need to sign in again with the new password.


Reset your Password

If you have forgotten your password and cannot log in to your Hotmail account then click on “Forgot Password”. Then enter your Username and follow the given instructions to reset the password.

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