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Reply to a comment from an athlete

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  • I have only been playing around with the features with a few athletes this winter.  I have created workouts and my athletes have created workouts and put in their comments about how they felt.  It would be nice to be able to easily reply to the individual athlete's comments.

  • I second this, as a athlete it would be nice to be able to comment on our teammates workouts and to receive feedback on our own.

  • I am looking for a web workout log (like for my track team but this is too limited right now.  Coach/athlete interaction would make this tool ten times more powerful.  If the coach had the ability to give a goal prompt or weekly reflection that the athletes could respond to it would be amazing.  What I would like to see is the ability of the coach to post workouts, goals, motivation, self-reflection etc. so each athlete could view individually and then respond with their own goals, workout reflections etc. and the coach could respond back.  The coach and athlete could then have a dialog online.  Maybe even give the option of letting athletes share their responses with the team.  That would give a new dimension.

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